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The importance of our mental health and positive beliefs

The importance of our mental health and positive beliefs
The importance of our mental health. Why is this important? How does it impact our lives? Can we train our minds to think and feel this way?
Well, let's start by mentioning the obvious. If in your mind, you keep positive ideas, this will reflect in your life, and these create an energy that keeps you going and motivates you to move forward day by day. This energy drives you to get up, encourages you to stay active, gives you space to create new ideas since you are open-minded to them. We usually notice that optimistic people are generally also very successful in different areas of their lives. These people accept and adopt these beliefs to their way of being by making them feel like part of their personality.
People who continuously seem very lucky know that we are continually attracting what we are thinking. These people know this and clearly understand how their beliefs impact their lives. These people concentrate their energy on the events that have brought them joy and also experience, for it gives them wisdom, and wisdom helps them avoid pain. They focus their attention on looking at the precise side of everything that happens to them. They practice gratitude for everything, whether small or big, things like getting up every day, breathing, seeing, hearing, feeling, drinking coffee, walking, etc. I would never finish mentioning all the great things to be thankful for that we could focus our attention on. And that is the most substantial detail, gratitude! When we pause our routine, we realize that, in reality, despite the circumstances, we may be going through, we have a lot to be thankful for and feel happy and optimistic about!
We are not pretending that having an optimistic mindset means we are always happy energetic because that would be deceitful. The reality is that we all have complicated days. We could be going through something with a family member, or with a friend, or health problems, work challenges, anyway, there may be several reasons that cause our mood to change and for us to feel discouraged. It is on days precisely like these that we must work even harder on our mental control and consciously choose what thoughts and actions we will allow changing how we feel! Each of us is responsible for our happiness; This includes managing our negative thoughts towards something or someone and the challenge we set ourselves to get out of that mental place and replace those negative ideas with constructive views!
But how do we do it? Where do we start? Because if we're not mentally in a positive place, it's hard to feel like thinking positively. The reality is that we all, because of our human condition, have fears. Here our willpower and perseverance play an essential role.
I mainly try to pause a moment. I analyze and question myself; why do I feel that way? What's got me so upset or sad? And once I identify with total sincerity with myself, what's wrong, I start to look for solutions, and the truth is, this practice has worked for me. I realize that after I identify the precise reason for my frustration and start looking for solutions, suddenly, the "problem" seems smaller. Most of the time, it consists of an adjustment of attitude towards the challenge; By reaching that place mentally, I can feel how my energy starts to transform.
I like to read; I love topics of personal development, human behavior, psychology, and philosophy; among others, the truth is that many areas catch my attention! So I try to read books and learn as much as possible continually. When driving, usually, I am listening to audiobooks. Some days, when I am not feeling motivated or too optimistic, I go to a happy place that never fails me! I go to the barn! Particularly for me, that is the one place where I find peace and joy. For others, it will be going to the gym, or painting, or writing. Everyone owns a way to find balance.
Working on personal development goals requires a lot of work at the mental level and a lot of discipline. Whether you are working on a physical, mental, spiritual, social, familial, or financial area, it will require clear objectives and your commitment to achieving those goals. The more straightforward and more organized you are with your ideas, the easier it will be for you to stay in a confident, inspired mental state.
Reorganize your mind, organize your space, and choose the companies you spend time with carefully. Surround yourself with people who are usually driven and joyful. Choose to fill your day with as much positive information as you can find, whether through books, conferences, audios, or even through groups you follow on social media. The material you visualize, read, or listen to is critical for your mental health, and that is the reason why it is so significant that you pay attention to the type of material you consume daily. Don't give all your time to news or social media. Spend time learning new skills, listening to a podcast, or exercising. Create habits that help you feel good, and encourage you to strive to become the best version of yourself.