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Candles Collections

Explore our candle collections and choose the candle that best represents the idea you have for your space. Aromas create memories, and choosing the right one is key when selecting your perfect candle. Keep in mind different aspects of your space, like room size, ventilation, and use of space.

Fresh & Floral Collection

The combination of work done through Floral Design was the underlying vision for the Fresh & Floral Collection. The richness of color and textures and the use of bright and deep color palettes across the enormous variety of flowers, foliage, and branches served as the inspiration for a clean and bright candle.
Juicy fruity notes complementing the softness of delicate florals are the way to make a room feel crisp and cheerful while evoking stability and equilibrium throughout the space.

Ocean Vibes Collection

Ever feeling like you want to feel and smell the salty water from the Seven Seas? One real thing about the ocean is how there are no borders within the water itself; all the world's waterways are connected to each other just like we are. Whether you feel like you want to sense the strength of the eastern Mediterranean Sea or float in the calmest, clear waters of a Seven Mile Beach somewhere, our Ocean Vibes Collection Candles will fill the room with unique and sophisticated notes that will connect you to one of nature's elements – water- life could not possibly flourish or sustain itself without it.

Garden Notes Collection

To provide a unique garden-architectural interest, it is essential to implement four crucial yet straightforward landscape design composition elements. Line, form, color, and texture will transform your garden into a show stopper space. Use lines to accentuate an object or draw attention to a focal point. Apply form to give your flowers a flowing and natural feel. Warm and cool color combinations have different visual impacts on a garden. Color is an essential element of design composition; use it to create balance. Textures add interest to your space; make use of these with flower shapes and leaves!
Our Garden Notes Collection started with the admiration for the famous gardens of impressionist painter Claude Monet in the village of Giverny, France. You will experience delightful blends of herbs and aromatic wood essential oils.

Lux & Chic Collection

While creating and keeping aesthetically pleasing interiors is key to keep in mind three characteristics; Use clean lines, keep it simple, and use natural materials and earthy tones. This will offer your space harmony, balanced, and uncluttered. Our Lux & Chic Collection is inspired by the elegance and sophistication of the classy lady who values simplicity, modesty, and grace in her surroundings.
Keep your space clean yet warm with these candles, and enjoy each of the fragrance notes these candles offer.

Woody & Earthy Collection

This collection is based on the first element of nature - Earth. The Earth is stable and reliable, yet continuously working and moving to support life; This element evokes practical and logical behaviors.
Woody fragrances add richness, warmth, elegance, and depth to any room, which served as the core inspiration element for these candles. Once you light up this candle, you will feel as if you were walking in a rain-soaked moss forest while listening to the wonderful crackling sound wood makes when burning.

30 Days Of Love

The celebration of romance and love inspired our 30 Days Of Love Collection. More than a commercial day to celebrate and share something special with someone is an opportunity to show all the reasons we cherish and love this person, whether a significant other, a family member, or an unconditional friend. We crafted this collection by embracing romance and love with our enchanting combination of rose petals, green leaves, and hints of fresh peach, honey, and a combination of spices for candles that are captivating, sweet, and rich.  

Holiday Collection

Christmas is all about family, joy, and gratitude. The nostalgia of the season inspired our Holiday Collection as it is the time where we create some of the most long-lasting memories in our lives. It was essential for us to craft the perfect upscale holiday candle line for your home or that serves a the perfect gift guide this season, so we designed a collection with sweet, fresh, and fruity notes to capture those Christmas scents evoking the joyful spirit of the season with style and grace.