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There is a time when the world gets quiet

There is a time when the world gets quiet
Isn't that true? There is a time when the world gets quiet. Between our crazy schedules and different agendas, it often seems like we barely have time to eat dinner with our family.
COVID-19 has been a massive challenge in many areas of society. It is evident, public health at its worse. The healthcare system around the world is collapsing as this pandemic is entirely unprecedented. Our medical staff and all other service employees battling the equipment shortages while the rest of the team take care of all sanitary duties amount other things.
In the meantime, we are home, astonish at the magnitude of the crisis. It would be fair to say, most of us didn't expect to live through an experience of this degree. Somehow our world slowed down, time feels different and our routines have been altered. We are learning the importance of prioritizing and adjusting to new ways to do things. We've learned to change our behavior accordingly and to make time just to be. Be present, listen to your inner self, listen to your kids, mom, dad, husband, wife. Now there is time to listen. Learn to do it, because it will guide you to the essential things and the ones that hold major significance in your life. Now you have fewer distractions. Now is the time to evaluate, re-design, adjust, create, change.
People are currently managing their businesses online, while some others are incomplete halt, waiting for the crisis to pass. We are truly blessed to have the opportunity to be at home working on digital platforms while others are working long, draining shifts.
There are so many others who lost their job and are in despair. However, the majority of these groups are still healthy, but thousands of people can't say the same thing, not to mention all the ones that are gone. We still have time. Let's use it wisely with the opportunity life is giving us to spend time with our families while re-inventing ways to make this challenge work.
I'll take the opportunity to thank every single person who has a job or is currently working one way or the other on helping manage the crisis, and we forever will be in debt to all of you.