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Realist or Dreamer? Maybe both?

Realist or Dreamer? Maybe both?
Are you a dreamer or a "realist" person? I feel it is all about balance! Like with everything else in life. As a creative person, I find essential the need to plan the outcomes of the objectives I am working on and imagine things the way I would like them to be. It is in my nature; I am undeniably a "dreamer." Or maybe I should say, is my predominant character trait.
I find an enormous power in dreaming. It expands the creative mind and keeps life interesting and exciting.
Dreamers tend to be positive thinkers and are hopeless romantics! They will talk about their "dreams," which, in all honesty, I prefer to call goals with so much enthusiasm that is contagious and inspiring!
As much as I love and enjoy being a dreamer, planning, envisioning, and visualizing my goals, I also enjoy the learning process of whatever I am working on next. Having the drive and determination to execute these plans is crucial to achieving those goals and creating new ones. There needs to be a sense of a "rooted mindset" that works as a compass to guide you throughout the journey. Learning is a beautiful thing, and understanding how something works, why it works, and who does it work for is incredibly exciting for me.
Dreams need specific external energy, a particular action that creates enough impulsion to overcome the challenges that will come along the way to achieve the dreams (goals) you've in mind. I strongly believe in the power of visualization; however, there needs to be an intentional effort on your part to accomplish these aspirations. Here is where I think being a realist comes in handy. A realist is generally discipline, is excellent at planning, and stays focused on the objectives. They know in their core, is going to happen as long as they put the work, time, and effort into it.
So, in my opinion, balance becomes the critical aspect in achieving a happy and healthy mental equilibrium using both strengths of the dreamer and a realist person.
So which one are you? Maybe both, in which case, I'll ask, which type of person is more predominant within you?