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What role we genuinely play in our kids life?

What role we genuinely play in our kids life?
It is essential always to remember kids are constantly looking up to us for guidance as to their leaders. Keeping them calm and in a creative state of mind is the best way to ensure they remain happy, hopeful, and continuously learning from themselves and others.
Equally important is to ensure they know we hear their concerns and ideas about past events, the current situation, or their fears for the future. They need to know their opinions matter. We need to avoid being dismissive of their points of view; instead, we can listen and learn more about their thinking process and perhaps learn one or two lessons from what they have to share. Let's enjoy their presence, their creativity, and their love.
Kids are always paying attention to our behavior and the way we manage situations. Teaching children to remain calm during stressful situations is a valuable lesson they will practice throughout their life. Sharing stories and explaining the news will help them develop critical thinking skills they will use during their life. One technique that seems helpful is to think about what would’ve helped us as kids? And implement those conducts keeping in mind the innocence of their age. Kids are bright and smarter than we think. So keep in mind that not because they are quiet on a particular matter means they don’t understand what is going on? They often do, maybe not to the full extent, but they know enough to have an impact on their lives.
Children see us as leaders. That means they see us as the team captain who will guide their team (family) thought each game (challenge), assuring them protection. We need to be there for them, with a joyful mindset, acknowledging the blessing they are in our lives and providing an environment of bliss and wonder.
If you are a parent currently homeschooling your kids, take this moment to appreciate the experience. It won’t last forever. Your kids will grow up and move on to live their lives. Because this has been such an unprecedented event, they will probably remember many tales, and so will you. Make it a priority to intentionally do something different and fun, our of the box each day with them. Create crazy memories you both can share and treasure in your hearts for the years to come.