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What goes on in the mind of a creative person

What goes on in the mind of a creative person
How creative minds are not strangers to defeat and quite familiar with tenacity and determination.
What goes on the life and mind of a creative person? Is original work the way to financial freedom? For a lot of us, it is. All my artists, inventors, composers, painters amount other creative minds will agree on the importance of exercising the prolific and visionary part of our brains.
Being an artist, no matter what your line of work focuses on, is difficult. We often have too many ideas, we often find ourselves overtaking on too many projects, and even though we absolutely love it, we also struggle with how we manage the criticism, and we're continually overthinking. The truth is we often feel silently heartbroken, we are not strangers to defeat, but on the other hand, we are very familiar with qualities such as tenacity and determination.
There is a lot that goes on in the mind of an artist. Not even the closest people will be able to tell. We are creatures that live in different realities at the time. If you are not an artist, this might be difficult for you to understand. If you are an artist, then you will get what I am writing here today.
We are storytelling beings. We are always telling stories through our creative work, our words, our music because that is what we do; we share, we love deeply, we believe, we dream. We know that we become better by repeating the process over and over again despite the critics. We are afraid to fail, but we do it anyway. We see it as a way to financial freedom because we are good at it, and we come from a place of service. Our authenticity and individuality often pays off and allows us to keep sharing our work and making a living using our creative gifts.
I hope that if you have the soul of an artist, you found comfort and love in my words today. If you are not, I hope you keep an open mind for those around you who are trying to show you the beauty they see in their minds, the vision they want to share with you, and allow yourself to be surprised with the wonders of their work.