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Bloom & Chic Candle and Floral Co.

Gardens Of Paris Faux Floral


A mass of stunning roses, peonies, hydrangeas, and gorgeous green leaves come together in a lovely rush of theme color. Our inspiration for this arrangement was the beautiful basics of French Country Décor. We based our florals with warm pinks, soft greens, and cream tones. The elegance and delicate patterns are distinctive elements of Parisian décor, while the antique accents and rustic comforts create a flawless balance of charm and style.

  • Handcrafted nosegay arrangement of fantasia-pink roses, wild-pink roses, pearl ivory hydrangeas, pastel-peach peonies, pink peony buds, pine leaves, and sage eucalyptus. 
  • Real Touch + Polyester silk floral stems.
  • Glass container.
  • 16"W. x 21"T.

Design Element Tones: Fantasia-Pink + Wild-Pink. Pearl-Ivory, Pine + Sage Greens.