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Similarities between nurturing a flower and your soul

Similarities between nurturing a flower and your soul
The similarities in the nurturing of a flower or plant to the nurturing of our soul are numerous. I'll share three tips here and why I see the resembling.
1. Most plants depend on even moisture; the plant should be slightly drying out right before watering to promote the root growth of the plants.
For us, it is essential to learn to rest. Once we do, our body and mind relax, and we refresh ourselves recovering the strength to either start over or to continue with a current situation or project.
2. Unnecessary to water every day. However, it is essential to make it a habit, ensuring the roots are getting the hydration they need without overdoing it, causing the plant to lose oxygen by suppressing the breathing air of the roots out of the soil.
Like plants, we need constancy and equilibrium to achieve goals and, most importantly, have peace of mind. By creating habits in our daily lives, we organize our mindset and focus our behaviors. This practice is crucial and plays a huge factor in helping us manage our anxieties better, which ultimately contributes to our mental health. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
3. Ensure the water reaches the roots. If we hurry to water our plants, we'll probably end up only covering the upper soil, and our plant won't be getting the hydration it needs. Roots are the key.
The same goes for us. We need to prioritize our needs and habits. It all begins with our inner self and identifying our uniqueness. This practice will lead us to be more conscious of who we allow in our circle and what behaviors we tolerate from others, keeping our surroundings protected and our environment away from toxic situations or people ultimately results in happiness. ⠀