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Gaea Essence


Making use of a complex blend of base notes like Cacao, Brown Sugar, and Vanilla creates a rich aromatic scent that is outgoing and confident. Gaea's Essence is a sweet and earthy candle inspired by the Earth's personification as a goddess "Gaea" in Greek mythology. The Middle notes of Caramel are sweet-tempered and creamy, complementing the strong, delightful notes from this candle primary fragrance. Bring Together a beautiful and deep aroma in your space by lighting this high-quality and well-composed candle for an earthy and comforting charm that calls up memories and reveres the Earth. 

Crafted in a textured black matte vessel. Burn time is approximately 50 hours.


  • Contains Essential Oils
  • Rich and Sweet room-filling fragrance
  • Premium Quality Coconut Blend Wax
  • Every candle is 100% guaranteed


Top Notes: Whipped Butter
Middle Notes: Creamy Caramel
Base Notes: Coffee, Cacao, Brown Sugar, Vanilla